Denali’s Path

Late Autumn in Denali National Park, Alaska. Could not have asked for a more perfect day to capture the colors and beauty of the Denali Range.


After a long night of taking pics of the Aurora Borealis in Talkeetna, I stuck around to see the Sunrise over the Denali Range instead of heading of to sleep. Great move on my part as Mt Mckinley did not disappoint.

Denali Morning Blue

Played hookie from work and headed up to mile post 144 on Parks Highway to capture Super Moon as it descended over the Denali Range and Chulitna River.

Eagle River Treeline

A freshly fallen snow, undisturbed by the local skiers, covers a tree line along the Eagle River, in Eagle River Alaska.

Seward’s Allure

While in Seward the clouds and rain had surrounded us all day as we hiked along Lowell Point trail in Caines Head State Park, but as we descended to the base of the trail the Sun to break free and show us this spectacular vista of Resurrection Bay.

Frost Line

These trees captured my eye as the street lights illuminated the heavy frost on their branches

Anchorage Lights

Sunset view of Anchorage reflecting off Cook Inlet and dwarfed by the Chugach Mountains as viewed from Point Woronzof.

Symphony Lake

At the base of the Chugach Mountains and about a 3 hr hike on Southfork Trail in Eagle River Alaska, sits Symphony Lake. I happened to catch the lake at a rare windless day and captured the mountains reflection.


One of the most vivid Sunsets I’ve ever witnessed in Alaska. This 7 image panoramic shot along Turnagain Arm and Seward Highway outside of Anchorage was a dream to shoot.

Northern Exposure

After 3 months of trying I finally captured the full Moon as it descended over Mt Denali.

Woodlands Reach

This wood line birch forest has been on my radar for sometime especially when illuminated by some nearby street lights

Denali’s Tundra

Denali Range in all her splendor during a very vibrant autumn in Alaska.

Ice Fell

Close up shot of a frozen Babara Falls in Eagle River

Kenai High

Panoramic view of Alaska’s turquoise Lake Kenai and Cooper Landing where we love to go to fish!

Granite Creek

Sun breaking it’s way through the clouds to light up autumn colors on Granite Creek off Glenn Highway near Chickaloon, Alaska.


Sun rising over Chugach Mountains and Eagle River Nature Center, Eagle River Alaska. Though the reeds had frost on them I was luckily the water did not freeze and I was able to get a reflection.

Rivers Bend

It was almost impossible to keep my dog from jumping into the river as I took this 3 shot panoramic of an Ox Bow along Eagle River during one of our splended Alaskan Sunsets.

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