Northern Lights (Aurora’s)

Made my way out to Trapper Creek to shoot the Aurora’s and got lucky in capturing the Milky Way as well. (Note MT Denali in the background)

Aurora Borealis engulfs tree line on Steese Hwy, Fairbanks Alaska..

The Aurora’s never cease to amaze me! Here we see them reflect off the freshly frozen Scotty Lake in Trapper Creek Alaska and over the 20k foot Mt Denali which gave a great perspective of how immense and beautiful the Aurora’s are…

Aurora storm over Portage River…The beauty of this shot is that the show was toward the South instead of the usual predicted North.

Lady Aurora making her way over Mt Denali and the Denali Range as viewed from Petersville Rd, Trapper Creek Alaska

It was an extremely dark night and I could not see Mt Wrangell off in the distance without the aid of the beautiful Auroras.

While waiting for an Aurora show the clouds started coming in which threatened ever seeing the lights, but luckily there were gaps in the clouds and I was able to capture a gateway to the stars.

Lady Aurora lite up the sky on Steese Highway near Ski Land, just outside of Fairbanks

I love the way the Aurora Borealis and Milky Way back dropped this old homestead in Trapper Creek Alaska

In my years of shooting the Auroras I have rarely seen the a night where I see all the colors come out at once.. This was truly a treat!

I spent the night up in Hatcher’s Pass and Independent Mine waiting for the big show. Though the Auroras did not show in force I was please to get this image of an old bunk house from the mine.. if those walls could talk.

Multi colored Auroras are rare to be sure and I was just lucky to be out and about when this Aurora show appeared

My favorite shot from my Portage River Aurora shoot near Whittier Alaska. There was a light coming from railroad tunnel on the opposite side of the river that lit up the boulders in the water…

Can you say Purple Haze…Never seen any Aurora like this and almost forgot to take pics of them as I watched in awe…Shot on MM 10 Elliot Hwy, Fairbanks

Old Work Shed at Independence Mine, Hatcher’s Pass Alaska with Milky Way and northern lights in background

 Some say the level of activity of the Northern Lights is directly proportional to the temps outside. On this night it hit -30f and the lights put on a spectacular show.

An early October Aurora shows it’s reflection over Scotty Lake in Trapper Creek

Late night Aurora Show over Mt Denali and Susitna River, Talkeetna..

The Auroas just exploded giving one to think it was a gateway to the heavens

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