Purple Mountains Majesty

Capturing Denali is always a challenge but sometimes everything lines up. Taken in Denali Nat. Park, the early hours as the fog lifted

Fire Sky

Brilliant fire sky sunset over Eagle River in Eagle River AK

Denali Autumn

Every year (for four days only) Denali State Park runs a lottery that allows 400 personal cars on the park rd. I happen to get lucky this year and spent 3 days taking in all the beauty that Denali offered.

Fat Albert

I got a once in life time chance to go up to Barter Island (Kaktovick AK) to view the Polar Bears and was floored by the size of this Alpha male as he made his way to the water to wash off the sand he had been laying in all day after gorging on whale meat..

Alaska Field

I was attempting climb up Butte hill in Palmer to capture the Sunset of Knik Glacier but quickly realized I was not climbing fast enough to reach the summit, so I opted to go off trail and headed West and found this field of fireweed under fire.


Took a day trip out to Matanuska Glacier and was rewarded with this shot of undercut of glacial runoff. It was a precarious climb down in to cavity as I was not sure I was going to be able to get out unscathed and dry.


There is no such thing as a bad day to hike in Alaska… Though this hike started out cloudy and wet the sun broke midway up Twin Peaks trail in Eklutna Lake and gave me that small window of opportunity to capture this shot of fall colors through the Birch. 

The Meadow

We had had several days of sub freezing temps that produced a sea of hoarfrost throughout the Anchorage area. Here is an image of the frosted trees backlite from the rising Sun.


Birch Persective

We had had several days of sub freezing temps that produced a sea of hoarfrost throughout the Anchorage area. it was an amazing sight.


Not sure how I did not fall into the water when getting this shot as there were a bunch of young teens watching me make the attempt to cross.. they even cheered me on. Up on Archangel Trail in Hatcher Pass


Old fishing boat named the Nomad, frozen in marsh on Knik Inlet near old Knik Townsite, Wasilla Alaska

Palettes’ Purchase

I have been shooting Mt Denali for years and am never disappointed at the view she offers each time especially on a rare cloudless day in September

Mile High

Autumn in full bloom across iconic view of Chugach Mountains in Eagle River.

In the Rough

On a rare sunny day I was able to make it up Alaska’s Glenn Highway to Matanuska Glacier to explore and shoot…I was not disappointed in what the glacier presented as the ice push ups where a brilliant hue of bluish green.

Heralder’s Call

Brilliant Sunrise over Eagle River Valley and the Chugach Mountains

Denali Overture

I was blessed to catch Denali in full Autumn Bloom.. The colors of the tundra was like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before

Emerald Rise

The emerald waters of Granite Creek wind their way down the valley towards the Matanuska River..One of my favorite spot to view Alaska autumn splendor.

Autumn Velvet

Caught this Majestic Bull Moose in Denali National Park And Preserve just has he was shedding the velvet from his impressive antlers

Step Stone Revisited

1st place and Best in Show 2013 Fur Rondy photo contest. Sunset view of ice ow along Turnagain Arm outside of Anchorage along Seward Highway in mid Jan. Ventured out about 300 yards to the ice blocks, all the while wondering if the ice beneath my feet was thick enough to support me. Also had to keep an eye out for incoming bore tide.


An old beaver pond sculpted the current landscape seen in this shot of the Chugach Mountains in Eagle River Alaska.

Sunrise Glory

After about a week of cloudy skies we were granted this Sunrise gift on Christmas Eve along Petersville Rd in Trapper Creek Alaska.

Polar Bear Peak

Autumn in Alaska is spectacular. Spectacularly short but spectacularly vivid, especially in the mountain valleys such as this view from Eagle River Nature Center looking towards Polar Bear Peak.

Mountain Rail

Railroad bridge over Matantuska River, Palmer Hay Flats, Alaska

Snow Bear Stare

We had a young black bear visit our apple trees trying to get it’s last meal before the long sleep and given the amount of snow we had, that should not be too long…Sleep well little buddy.


I love the mood of the 7 minute exposed image! Shot near Virgin Creek as it heads into the Turnagain Arm during a soft sunset.reflection.

Denali Salute

A very clear view of Mt McKinley from Eileson Visitor Center on Denali Park Road, in the Denali National Park and Preserve


The views along Seward Highway from Anchorage to Seward is spectacular…It’s hard to keep you eye on the road while taking in the majestic mountains along side Turnagain Arm.


In the midst of the Chugach Mountians lays Virgin Creek Falls, in Girdwood Alaska. What makes this fall so special is that it is within a Boreal Rain Forest, so when you venture into the area you feel as if your hiking through the Amazon..

Happy, Happy, Happy

The Siberian Sled Dog Team (from left) Ittoq, Snuppa, Svolvaer and Jesper, start their 2014 Iditarod race in Willow Alaska. The team is owned by Kenneth & Yvonne Dabakk and they were “happy” to report that Ittoq, Snuppa and Svolvaer Finished the race.


Trumpeter Swan spreads it’s wings before heading out on its long journey South .


View of famed Kennecott Mine that is situated next to Kennicott Glacier near McCarthy Alaska. Once heralded as the richest known concentration of copper in the world. The mine operated from 1909 until 1938 and yielded over 1.183 billion pounds of copper.

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